Atelier 10 Architects

from the idea to the implementation

Mit Herzblut und Knowhow: Das engagierte Team von Atelier 10 Architekten entwirft, plant und realisiert dein Wunschobjekt!

Management Board

Claudio Kneuss

Williams da Silva


Carla Köppen

Fabian Blum

Bianca Wagner

Seraina Schläfli

Simon Furlenmeier

Isabelle Boss

Michal Marjankowski

Alessandra Gargiulo

Maria Anna Petillo


Nora Feuer

Abian Gutierrez

Ana-Marija Jurcevic

Yannick Löffel

Giulia Zabeo

Alma Racipi

Yasmin El Karmoudi


Atelier10 was founded by Williams Sant'ana da Silva & his partner Claudio Kneuss and has its roots in the region of Basel, Oberwil BL. With a highly qualified team of architects, construction managers and draft specialists we design private and public objects and realize them with passion.


Rechtsform: GmbH

Geschäftssitz: Oberwil, Basel-Landschaft

Founded: 2015

Subsidiary: CAD Zeichnungsbüro Planwelt GmbH