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An excerpt of current projects

New construction MFH Via Central Preliminary study to implementation planning

New construction MFH Allschwil All project phases

Replacement MFH Riehen - All project phases

Renovation EFH Münchenstein - Construction project to realization

Completed Projects

An excerpt of completed projects

Renovation stone floor Basel – Site management

New construction 2 EFH Bottmingen – All work phases

New construction 2 EFH Breitenbach – Preliminary studies - Project planning: Construction project

Renovation ceiling breakthrough Oberwil – Site management

Support renovation Cler Bank Sarmensdorf –  Assistance project planning + construction management

Reconstruction business premises Basel – project planning + construction supervision

Reconstruction MFH with 7 apartments Binningen – Realization

New single family house Binningen

Conversion of single family house with stable Rodersdorf (village center) – All work phases

Conversion of single family house Liestal – Site management

New construction 5 EFH Hofstetten – All work phases

Renovation EFH Riehen – Site management

New single family house Frenkendorf – Preliminary studies + design: preliminary project

Renovation EFH + reconstruction garage Riehen – preliminary studies + project planning: preliminary project + realization: execution

Basement renovation Basel – Site management

New construction 5 EFH Erschwil  preliminary studies - project planning

New construction MFH with 3 apartments Oberwil – Preliminary studies + design: preliminary project

New building carport Lausen – Realization

New construction 2 MFH with 6 apartments Ettingen – preliminary studies - realization: implementation planning

Superstructure Frenkendorf Frenkendorf – preliminary studies

Escape-Room IWB Basel – coordination + construction management

Conversion Adobe office Basel – project planning: approval procedure + realization: coordination execution planning + consulting

Study contract conversion EFH Oberwil – preliminary studies

Conversion wet room Oberwil – realization: execution planning + construction management

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